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Crystalstone produces high-quality quartz surfaces in Sri Lanka using advanced technology and stringent quality control. With a focus on innovation, we continuously adapt our product offerings to meet changing customer needs.



Quartz surfaces for every type of space



Located in Sri Lanka, Crystalstone benefits from exclusive access to exceptionally pure quartz deposits. We are committed to using our only finest raw materials for our production. Not only that, situated at the crossroads of East and West, Sri Lanka offers convenient access to global markets.



Quartz surfaces enhance the
ambiance of a space



Crystalstone, a brand under Ruhunu Lanka Minerals Pvt Ltd and a subsidiary of CeyQuartz, maintains a streamlined operation and supply chain. This control spans from mining to the factory, ensuring the quality of raw materials for the production of engineered stone surfaces .



The Quartz Pioneer

As the pioneer in delivering top-tier quartz surfaces in Sri Lanka, Crystalstone takes immense pride in its role as a reliable and adaptable supplier for intricate designs and diverse lifestyle preferences. We cater to a broad spectrum of domestic and international clients. Crystalstone holds a pivotal position within the esteemed CeyQuartz Group.

Versatile Design Complements Any Space

Crystalstone offers more than 55 unique designs that blend effortlessly with modern lifestyles. Our dedication to innovation and R&D allows us to elevate living spaces with style and creativity, promising more inspiring creations.

Refined Quartz Surfaces

Crafted by skilled artisans, our meticulously curated quartz surfaces
elevate furnishings with refined grace and customisable aesthetics, adding a luxurious simplicity to any environment.

Cathedral Grey

These side tables are made with Crystalstone's Marble Bay quartz surface with a matte finish and rounded edges.

Marble Bay

These side tables are made with Crystalstone's Marble Bay quartz surface with a matte finish and rounded edges.

Choose Excellence

Crystalstone showcases top-tier craftsmanship and precision, embodying excellence in
every aspect of our products and services.

Hygienic quartz Surfaces

Our non-porous quartz counters combat viruses and bacteria, creating a clean and healthy environment.

Durable Premium quartz

Crafted with top-grade materials and advanced technology, our quartz surfaces promise lasting beauty and functionality.

Innovative Design Collection

Crystalstone offers 55+ unique quartz designs and continues to expand, bringing captivating artistic expressions to life.


As the forefront of quartz surfaces production in Sri Lanka, Crystalstone stands as a beacon of sustainability and safety. We leverage the latest technology and trends, all rooted in rigorous Quality Control. Our products are proudly made in Sri Lanka, offering unparalleled customisability. We remain the trusted choice for top construction and installation firms, committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our operations.

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Inspiration Showcase

Crystalstone's latest collection draws inspiration from the
picturesque landscapes of Sri Lanka, bringing timeless beauty to your space.

Client Innovations

Leading innovation for top brands

Customer Testimonials

Uncover the Insights of Our Distinguished Customers
"As a company that has been working with Crystalstone for the past five to six years, I am very happy and satisfied with the quality and the service."
Sithumini Kiriella
Sri Lanka
"We have been working with Crystalstone for the past five to six years, consistently using their materials for kitchen tops. We are genuinely satisfied and proud of this partnership. "
Imesh Abeywickrama
Sri Lanka
"This is a product I consistently use in my profession. Its hygiene aspect is highly advanced and exceptional."
Ruwean Gunarathna
Sri Lanka

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