Quartz Slab Application Kitchen Counters

Kitchen Counter-Tops

Quartz counter-tops are ideal surfaces for any kitchen space. Quartz slabs are non-porous so that bacteria doesn’t build up on surfaces, making cleaning spills and messes convenient while maintaining a hygienic environment.

Bathroom Vanity Application Quartz

Bathroom Designs

Quartz makes elegant additions to any part of bathroom design, including shower walls. Using quartz slabs in place of tiles creates a seamless, watertight, low maintenance surface of great beauty in the bath area. The slabs are also used as vanity counters to brighten up and pull-together different elements of the bathroom.

Our Belifs

The best spaces make a statement.


Quartz slabs are versatile and can be used as dining room tables or to accent side table-tops and the slabs can be fabricated to custom specifications to add a modern accent to any room. A key aspect in the use of quartz for furniture design is the material’s uniformity. Quartz slab grains can be appreciated at the edges even post-cut, bringing in an element of sophistication to a space.


Quartz is perfect for flooring applications as the slabs are homogeneous, giving depth and character to an entire space. The quartz slabs are impact resistance, meaning that exposed flooring, such as stairs, are less likely to chip off at the edges.