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Crystalstone Design for Flooring


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Quartz flooring offers uniformity and durability, enhancing spaces with depth. It boasts excellent impact resistance, minimizing chipping, especially in high-traffic areas such as stairs.

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Aqua Pasikudah

Quartz elevates bathroom design, enhancing shower walls with elegance. It replaces tiles, offering a seamless, easy-to-maintain, watertight surface that also functions as stylish vanity counters, unifying the bathroom.


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Quartz countertops are ideal for kitchens due to their non-porous nature, preventing bacterial growth, ensuring easy cleaning, and maintaining a hygienic environment.


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Elevate your walls with the enduring allure of quartz surfaces. Timeless, durable, and effortlessly chic, our cladding transforms any space with authentic elegance.

Product Applications

Exceptional spaces convey a powerful message.

Kitchen Countertops

Quartz countertops serve as excellent culinary surfaces for any kitchen. With their non-porous quality, they resist bacterial buildup, making it easy to clean up spills and messes while maintaining a hygienic setting.

Revitalize Your Bathroom

Quartz adds a touch of elegance to various aspects of bathroom design, including shower walls. Replacing traditional tiles with quartz surfaces creates a seamless, watertight, and easily maintained surface that enhances the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. These surfaces also serve as vanity counters, bringing cohesion and brightness to different elements of the bathroom.

Enhancing Your Interior

Quartz surfaces are versatile and can be employed as dining room tables or to embellish side table-tops. These surfaces can be custom-fabricated to exact specifications, introducing a contemporary touch to any room.
A crucial feature in utilising quartz for furniture design is the material’s consistency. The grains of quartz surfaces remain visible even along the edges after cutting, adding an element of sophistication to a space.

Elevate Your Flooring

Quartz is an ideal choice for flooring applications, as the surfaces are uniform, imbuing an entire space with depth and character. Quartz surfaces also possess impressive impact resistance, reducing the likelihood of chipping, particularly in exposed areas like stairs.

Why Choose Us


Celebrated for its extraordinary hardness, quartz offers remarkable scratch resistance, outperforming granite while displaying extraordinary resilience against chipping or cracking.

Variety of Colours

From elegant whites to earthy browns and timeless blacks, Crystalstone offers a versatile spectrum of colours to enhance a wide array of spaces.

Scratch Resistance

Quartz countertops exhibit exceptional resilience in the kitchen, enduring substantial wear and tear with minimal signs of use, thanks to their remarkable scratch-resistant properties.


The non-porous nature of quartz surfaces acts as a shield, preventing viruses and bacteria from infiltrating your countertop, ensuring a hygienic surface.

Zero Water Absorption

Quartz countertops, being non-porous, exhibit zero water absorption, guaranteeing a mould-free and easily maintainable surface.

ISO Certified

Crystalstone proudly holds ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001 certifications, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to quality, environmental sustainability, and occupational health and safety.


The tested material boasts low water absorption (0.05%), meets density standards (ASTM C 97-02), and exhibits a robust tensile adhesion strength of 14 N/mm² (SLS ISO 13007-2). Its flexural strength, both dry (40.83 MPa, SD 1.73) and wet (49.25 MPa, SD 1.81), complies with ASTM C 880-98. MOH’s hardness is 6 via the scratch method. Additionally, the material demonstrates thermal shock resistance (pred 200) and excellent chemical resistance against various substances, as tested per ASTM C650-9.

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