There’s nothing quite like Sri Lankan Quartz

Sri Lanka’s natural quartz is considered as one of world’s finest. (Image source:

Quartz is widely recognized as one of the hardest, most durable, naturally occurring minerals on earth. With Crystalstone, you have access to the highest-quality Quartz which can be customized to suit any countertop or surface within your living space. Apart from its exquisite, rich look, Quartz offers a unique aesthetic that conveys opulence, but with refinement.

In fact, Quartz provides countless advantages over traditional materials, especially when used for countertops and other similar surfaces. Quartz countertops also require minimal upkeep and maintenance such as periodic sealing or polishing.

Quartz surfaces from Crystalstone, in keeping with the demands of modern living spaces, also provides unrivalled utility with surfaces that are non-porous, highly resistant to weathering, abrasion, heat, and cold. That is why Quartz is the most preferred material for high-end modern luxury countertops and surfaces.

Some might even go as far as saying that Quartz is the only material that will work for high-usage areas subject to constant wear and tear.

Quartz vs Marble & Granite (source:

Crystalstone is currently the only dedicated manufacturer of high-quality Quartz in Sri Lanka, with a wide and versatile range of products that can be customized to suit any surface or interior. What’s more, because Quartz from Crystalstone seamlessly combines luxury, elegance, and unrivalled durability it is the ideal material for complementing an overall interior decor.

One of the most frequent inquiries about Quartz is how it compares to more traditional building materials such as granite, marble, tiling, and other commonly used material. Quartz from Crystalstone offers the users countless benefits when compared to any and all traditional material. For a start, Quartz is highly stain and scratch-resistant. This is because Quartz is unreactive and will not be tarnished by daily use, spillage, or commonly used cleaning products. In fact, Quartz from Crystalstone will look brand new even after years of use. Quartz also offers excellent strength compared to anything else on the market and this makes it the perfect material for a wide range of surface types. Crystalstone is the exclusive supplier for premium-quality Quartz slabs which can be customized to suit a variety of needs, limited only by your imagination.

Crystalstone Quartz surfaces seamlessly combine luxury, elegance, and unrivalled durability.

Considered one of world’s finest sources of natural Quartz which is highly sought after internationally for a variety of industrial uses, this is the first time that Sri Lanka Quartz is being manufactured locally and sold locally and internationally as a finished product.

Backed by meticulous research and development to strict International Standards, Crystalstone enters the market as a Sri Lankan product, made with Sri Lankan Quartz for Sri Lankan homes and export market. The brand has perfected the processes of manufacturing and delivering a diverse range of high-quality Quartz products, including the finest countertops in the country. This includes Quartz worktops, pantry tops, bathroom countertops, tabletops, other surfaces, flooring and accessories.

What’s more, all Crystalstone products are engineered to be sustainable, with a commitment to safeguarding the environment, and the company is ISO certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 accreditations. Today, the brand is the supplier of choice to a wide variety of high-end construction projects in Sri Lanka as well as in the Maldives, with exquisite Quartz countertops and surfaces that are as attractive as they are durable.
Further information on Crystalstone Quartz can be obtained via or Email: Mobile: 773 150111.

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